Injuries like fractures , sprains, infections and inflammations etc would lead to severe foot pain in us. Sometimes, we could have sudden onset of pain in our foot that could be intense and would be for a short time. This is termed as acute foot pain.
There are several other reasons for getting severe foot pain in us like poor footwear, obesity, flat feet etc. There are chances of getting issues like blisters, calluses etc on our feet due to the pressure points that are created when we wear poor fitting footwear.


Superb ways that would help us to deal with foot pain are


By selecting the right kind of shoes:
This is an important way to deal with the foot pain issue. Our feet would get adequate stability and support by wearing proper fitting footwear. This would lower the stress or pressure on the feet. It is noteworthy that we must look out for shoes that have good arch support, comfortable soles etc.


By stretching & strengthening exercises:
The flexibility and strength of the feet would get better by regular stretching and strengthening exercises. To do these exercises, no extra equipment would be needed and just a wall and chair would be enough.


By foot massaging and rolling:
Tension would get reduced in the foot and we would feel relaxed when we do foot massaging and rolling. Foam roller or a massage ball could be used for this. Hands could also be used to massage our feet.


By ice and heat therapy:
The foot pain due to sprain or injury could be treated by ice and heat therapy. The pain and inflammation in the feet could be lowered by applying a towel with ice for about 15 minutes. Blood circulation in the feet would become better by applying heating pad etc.


By weight management:
It is true that excess weight would lead to excess pressure on the feet and this would lead to foot pain in us. Therefore, it is necessary that we must maintain healthy body weight by doing exercises regularly and eating the right diet. These would reduce the extra pressure on the feet and pain as well as inflammation of the feet would be avoided.


By taking adequate rest and stress management:
Foot pain would get reduced by taking adequate rest and by managing the stress levels effectively. It must be noted that stress management methods wouould reduce anxiety and reduce the tension in the feet.

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