Through several contaminated sources such as air, water, food etc, lead could enter our bodies. Surprised right!!

When there is an accumulation of lead inside the body, then the condition is called lead poisoning. Bitter fact is that lead being a toxic metal could damage important organs and systems like the nervous system etc.

Primary cause of lead poisoning:
Exposure to lead containing substances could result in lead poisoning in us and this is the primary reason for lead poisoning.

Various ways lead poisoning can occur in us:
  • By inhalation of lead dust or fumes
  • Ingestion of lead containing substances
  • Direct contact with lead based products etc

It is worthy to mention here that lead poisoning is very dangerous for growing children as their bodies could absorb lead more easily than the bodies of a well developed adult.

Various signs of lead poisoning are

Abdominal pain:
If a person has lead poisoning then he or she would have severe abdominal pain plus GI symptoms like vomiting etc.

Fatigue and weakness:
Those with lead poisoning would have persistent weakness and fatigue. Hence, this is an important symptom that we must not ignore.

There are chances of getting headaches due to stress, BP, eye issues etc is well known to us. A person can also get headaches due to lead poisoning.

Cognitive issues:
The shocking truth is that lead poisoning could affect our CNS and cognitive functions could get impaired. Those with lead poisoning would experience issues in concentration, memory etc

Irritation and mood changes:
It is true that a person can have irritability, mood swings etc if the person has lead poisoning. Controlling the emotions would be difficult.

Loss of appetite:
In the kids, lead poisoning could lead to loss of appetite or interest to eat. This would thehen cause weight loss.

Muscle and joint pain:
It must be noted that lead poisoning could also lead to muscle and joint pain in us. Many of us would relate the joint pain to the arthritis issue.

High BP:
Our blood pressure or BP would increase on prolonged exposure to lead. This would then lead to hypertension and cardiovascular issues in us.

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