Our metabolic rate of activity is regulated by a butter shaped small gland that is present at the base of our neck and this is thyroid gland. Not many of us would know the fact that thyroid issues could also result in osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases etc. Hence, it is important that we must get treated for thyroid issues. We must eat well balanced food for the sake of our thyroid health.

There are certain important nutrients that every thyroid patient must eat without fail and these are

Iodine intake:

For functioning of the thyroid, iodine is a highly essential nutrient. Iodine helps in thyroid hormone function is a well known fact. Deficiency of iodine could lead to thyroid diseases in us.

Vitamin D intake:

When the levels of vitamin D in us become low, then we could get Hashimoto`s thyroiditis and Grave`s disease etc. So, take care.

Selenium intake:

For the production of thyroid hormone, selenium is very essential. Point is that selenium helps protect thyroid from possible damage due to oxidative stress.

Zinc intake:

For the production of thyroid hormone, zinc is essential. In addition, proper serum levels of T3, T4 and TSH etc are maintained by the mineral zinc.

Iron intake:

It is worth noting that thyroid needs iron to convert T4 into T3. This T3 is the active form of thyroid hormone. Thyroid dysfunction could be due to iron deficiency.

Magnesium intake:

By regulating thyroid hormone production and by supporting enzyme function for metabolism, magnesium is essential.

Vitamin C intake:

Point is that vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and lowers inflammation and supports immune health for thyroid balance.

Vitamin B intake:

Thyroid function is supported by vitamin B. It is important for metabolism and energy generation.

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