With the limited availability of sunlight during the winter season, the majority of us would prefer to stay indoors and cover ourselves with thick blankets etc to feel warm. This is due to the cold and chilly weather outside.  It is a fact that during the winter seasons exposure to sun would be superb as we could get vitamin D from the sunlight. It is necessary that we must be exposed to the sun for atleast 15 to 20 minutes every day. We must also protect our skin from excess exposure during the peak hours. It is a known fact that the sun rays are strongest during the peak hours.

Various health benefits of exposing us to the winter sun are

Enhancement of mood:

Serotonin or neurotransmitters that would promote happiness would get triggered when we expose ourselves to the sunlight. It is true that in the winter season many of us would experience a condition called seasonal affective disorder or SAD due to limited sunlight. The symptoms are low mood, depression etc. When exposed to the winter sun, the SAD issue would reduce.

Sleep regulation:

Regulation of the body`s internal clock or circadian rhythm would be possible by exposure to sunlight in the winter seasons. Daytime alertness would get enhanced by regular exposure to the sunlight. By this, we would be able to get sound sleep during the nights.

Improved immune system:

There would be superb improvements in the immune functions when we expose ourselves to the sunlight during the winters. Vitamin D from the sunlight would improve the immunity levels in us. This would reduce the chances of getting respiratory problems etc.

Improved skin health:

Our skin would benefit from moderate exposure to the sun. The vitamin D from the sunlight would help in maintaining healthy skin. Skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema would get reduced by exposure to the sun.

Increased energy:

The feeling of fatigue and sluggishness would not be there when we expose ourselves to the sunlight in the winter season. It must be noted that by exposure to the sun we could get increased energy and would stay active and engaged.

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