Every tea lover would try drinking a variety of teas and there is no such thing like too much tea intake for them. If any tea provides them with health benefits, then the tea lover would get totally attracted by that. One such tea that can provide us with numerous health benefits is nettle tea.

From the leaves and roots of stinging nettle plant nettle tea is made. It is important to note that the leaves of nettle plants are heart shaped and with yellow or pinkish coloured flowers. This nettle tea is rich in vitamins like A, C, K plus minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium etc. There are also antioxidants present in the nettle tea.

Drinking nettle tea can provide these benefits to us.

Anti-inflammatory properties:
By drinking nettle tea, inflammation in us would get lowered and the symptoms of arthritis like severe pain etc would be reduced.

Good immunity booster:
Our body`s defence against infections and diseases would improve to a huge extent by drinking nettle tea. The production of white blood cells or WBC would be increased in us.

Rich in nutrients:
When we drink nettle tea, our overall health would become better. This is due to the presence of vitamins, minerals etc in this nettle tea.

Improves heart health:
By lowering BP and cholesterol levels in us, the heart health would get improved. Blood circulation would get improved and we could lower the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases etc.

Relieves symptoms of allergy;
The antihistamine properties of nettle tea play a huge role here and it would reduce allergy symptoms. Issues associated with seasonal allergies like sneezing, itching and congestions etc could be lowered.

Detoxifies body:
The nettle tea would act as a diuretic and it would eliminate toxins from the body. By this, the kidneys would get cleansed, liver health would get better etc.

Improves digestion:
By stimulating healthy enzymes, nettle tea would improve digestion. There would be digestive issues like bloating, constipation etc in us.

Good for skin:
The health of our skin would be increased by drinking nettle tea. This would be by clearing acne and promoting youthful complexion etc. Those with skin issues like eczema and psoriasis would benefit by drinking nettle tea.

Diabetes control:
It is possible to regulate our blood sugar levels and improve the insulin sensitivity by drinking nettle tea. Those with diabetes would benefit by drinking nettle tea.

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