The Central Government had announced earlier that nutrition enricher ice will be supplied for Children`s Growth, as well as the midday nutritional Meal scheme and in the Public Distribution System (PDS) as well. As such, this scheme has been implemented and is continued.
Enriched rice contains iron, Folic Acid, and Vitamin B12. This is mixed with normal rice in a ratio of 1:100. This mixture of enriched rice is being distributed in the Public Distribution System, Children Development Scheme, and the Mid-day Nutrition Meal Scheme.
In the second phase of this project, the enriched rice was distributed to the districts enlisted as `Economically Backward` as per the statistics. As such, as regards the State of Tamil Nadu, the districts of Ramanathapuram, and Virudhunagar, enriched rice was supplied. Subsequently, this was introduced in the ration shops as well!
The Manager of the Tamil Nadu Consumer Items Trading Organization, S. Janaki, informed that as regards the Chennai Metro City, activities have been undertaken and are in progress to supply this enriched rice to the 7.5 lakhs family-Raton cardholders through the ration shops.

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