Pineal gland is located in the brain and is a small endocrine gland. This gland produces melatonin hormone naturally in response to darkness. It must be noted that the main function of the pineal gland is to receive information of the state of the light-dark cycle from the environment and then convey the information by the production or melatonin.
There are many health benefits of this melatonin hormone. These are

Regulates sleep-wake cycle:
Our sleep-wake cycle would be regulated by melatonin hormone produced by the pineal gland. It is a fact that taking melatonin supplements would reset the disrupted sleep-wake cycle. By this, persons with insomnia would get benefits.

Improves sleep quality:
Not only the persons would fall asleep faster but also sleep quality would get enhanced by melatonin hormone. Deep sleep is very much needed for restorative processes in the body and by this we would get up feeling refreshed. Melatonin would promote deep sleep in us.

Anti-inflammatory properties:
The inflammation in our body would get lowered due to the anti-inflammatory property of melatonin. Those persons with chronic inflammatory conditions like arthritis, autoimmune diseases etc would get benefited.

Boosts immunity:
It has been brought out by some research studies that melatonin would boost the immune function. This would reduce chances of getting infections, diseases etc. Melatonin would play a huge role by acting as an antioxidant and protect against cellular damage.

Supports brain health:
The neuroprotective properties of melatonin would support our brain health. Point is that melatonin would lower cognitive decline, boost memory power etc. Lower the chances of getting health issues like Alzheimer`s Disease and Parkinson`s Disease etc.

Lowers anxiety and depression:
Melatonin would calm our mind, reduce anxiety plus improve our mood to a huge extent. Those persons with anxiety issues, depression etc would benefit from melatonin hormone.

Good for eye health:
Eyes are very important for us as they would help us to see the world around us.  Our eyes would get protected from oxidative stress and age related degeneration etc by means of m melatonin. We could have reduced chances of getting eye issues such as AMD and cataract etc.

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