Having high blood sugar levels for a long period of time, don`t worry, you are not alone!!

One of the major health concerns across the world now is diabetes or having high blood sugar levels. Managing diabetes is very important for a person to have a normal healthy life. Food plays a huge role here and identifying the foods that could manage the blood sugar levels effectively is important.

In recent times, one food that has caught the attention of many in managing diabetes is root vegetables.  Not only delicious to eat, but the root vegetables also possess many unique qualities that would help a person manage diabetes successfully.

Various root vegetables that could manage diabetes or high blood sugar levels effectively are

Celery root intake:
It is a diabetic friendly food with low carbohydrates and calories. The GI of this is moderate. It is known as Ajmud in Hindi.

Turnips intake:
Found mostly in temperate climates across the world, turnips are superb for managing high blood sugar levels. It is superb to eat turnips as they are low in calories, high in fibres and have high GI.

Radishes intake:
We can get 15% of daily intake of vitamin C when we consume half a cup of radish. The intake of radish would help in the management of diabetes.

Garlic intake:
By consuming garlic in raw form, then we could have lowered blood sugar levels in us. Intake of garlic would also lower the incidences of heart disease that would affect 80percent of the diabetics.

Sweet potatoes intake:
Fibre rich sweet potatoes are good sources of vitamins and have low GI. By consuming sweet potatoes, our blood sugar levels would get stabilised.

Beets intake:
It is believed that by intake of beets our blood sugar levels would get lowered and this could be due to the presence of certain phytochemicals in the beets. Insulin sensitivity might be improved.

Onions intake:
Traditionally onions have been used to treat diabetes .Intake of onions would lower our blood glucose levels.

Carrots intake:
It is known that carrots are rich in beta carotene and fibre and low in GI. It would be possible to manage diabetes by consuming carrots.

Yams intake:
Intake of yams would be suitable for those with diabetics. The presence of fibres in yams would lower the blood sugar levels.

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