Nutty flavor and gritty texture of chickpeas or garbanzo beans would make them go with several dishes is a well known fact. Belonging to the legume family,round beige colored chickpeas are highly nutritious having ingredients like minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese , vitamins like A, B etc, and fibers and protein content etc.

Eating chickpeas would provide us with numerous health benefits like

Controls blood sugar levels:

It is very essential to control our blood sugar levels to avoid certain health complications in us. Chickpeas with low glycemic index would control our blood sugar levels effectively.

Controls hunger:

When we feel hungry , we eat foods in huge quantities. This could lead to issues like excess weight etc. Chickpea with fibres would make us feel full for a long time and we would not feel hungry. By this, we would not consume more food. Overeating would be totally avoided.

Good for heart health:

It is believed that by consuming chickpeas rich in fibres our cholesterol levels would get lowered. This would make the heart health better.The antioxidants present in chickpeas would also help in improving the heart health.

Protects against cancer:

When we consume chickpeas, our body would produce butyrate. The butyrates have the ability to remove the sick and dying cells in us. This would lower the risk of getting colorectal cancer etc. Chickpeas also have lycopene and saponins that would prevent cancer in us.

Boosts digestive health:

The presence of fibre content in the chickpeas would help us to avoid constipation issues as passing stools would be easy. Intake of chickpeas would boost the digestive health.

Eliminates wrinkles etc:

The presence of free radicals would lead to wrinkles in us. By eating chickpeas having manganese, cells would get energy and it would fight the free radicals also.

Prevents hair loss:

The presence of proteins and manganese in the chickpeas would make the hairs strong. By this, hair loss would not be there. The presence of vitamin A and zinc in chickpeas would prevent dandruff.

BoBoosts eye health:

To lead normal lives, our eye health must be good. Our eye health would become good by eating chickpeas rich in beta carotene. The presence of zinc in chickpeas would also improve our vision.

Improves bone health:

The presence of strong bones is very important for us or else we would be more prone to fractures etc,. The presence of calcium and magnesium in the chickpeas would make the bones strong.

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