Tamil Nadu Transport Corporation has decided to operate 800 special buses for the occasion of Bakrid.

Bakrid, one of the most important festivals for Muslims, will be celebrated on Thursday (29th June) throughout India. It is expected that citizens will plan to celebrate Bakrid in their native places, resulting in a significant number of travelers. To facilitate this festival travel, special buses are being arranged from Chennai Metro City and other locations to various destinations, with return trips scheduled after the festival.

In a notification released by the Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation regarding this matter, it is mentioned:
“For the occasion of the Bakrid festival and subsequent holidays, in addition to the regular buses operating from Chennai Metro City to other cities, an additional 400 buses will be deployed. Furthermore, 400 additional buses will be operated from the cities of Coimbatore, Madurai, Thirunelveli, Trichy, Salem, and other cities, as well as from Bangalore city to various destinations.

Officials will be assigned to all bus stations to oversee the operation of these additional buses.”

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