Mr. SS. Sivasahankar, minister for transport mentioned that 2700 special buses would be operated to Thiruvannamalai on the account of Deepam festival. He added that free snacks would be provided to all the devotees who participate in Girivalam.

According to a press release, special buses would be operated (as per the chief minister order) on behalf of the state govt transport corporations on 25th, 26th and on 27th November. It must be noted that on 26th and on 27th there would be Pournami girivalam for the Karthigai Deepam festival here.

From other major cities across TN including Chennai and neighbouring cities like Puducherry and Bengaluru etc, as many as 6947 tips would be operated by 2700 buses.

The release added that as many as 9 temporary bus stands have been constructed in Thiruvannamalai to reduce traffic congestions. It is revealed that 40 small buses would operate from these bus stands to help the devotees reach girivala path.

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