Vellore city has three main railway stations. The largest is Katpadi Junction, 5 km north of Vellore city bus terminus. This is a major junction which sits on the Chennai-Bangalore broad-gauge line. Lines go to Chennai, Bangalore, Tirupati and Villupuram.

The second-largest station,Vellore Cantonment, sits on the Villupuram-Tirupati broad gaugeline, 10 km from Katpadi Junction. Currently EMU and passenger trains to Tirupati, Chennai and Arakonnam depart from here.The 150 km broad gauge line was extended to Villupuram in January 2010, and it connects Vellore and South Tamil Nadu; however, as of October 2010 it is not serviced by passenger trains. An EMU from Vellore Cantonment to Chennai Central was introduced on Dec 22, 2008.

The third-largest, Vellore Town Station, is on the line connecting Katpadi Junction to Villipuram Junction.

Important Railway Stations
S.NO Station Name Address Station Code
1. Katpadi Junction Chittor Cuddalor Highway, Katpadi, Vellore-632007 KPD
2. Vellore Cantonment Infantry Road, Near BIG Cinemas Alankar, Vellore-632001 VLR
3. Vellore Town Old Bangalore Road, Konavattam,
4. Latteri Katpadi Gudiyatam Road, Latteri,
5. Tiruvalam Vellore-632515 THL
6. Sevur Vellore-632102 SVUR
7. Walajah Road Vellore-632513 WJR
8. Mukundarayapuram Vellore-632405 MCN