The temple is 23 km from Vellore on the Bangalore Highway. Situated on the banks of Palar river, it houses a very beautiful and one of the most ancient Sri Uthara Ranganathar Temple. 1km inside from Pallikonda main road towards Gudiyatham.


It is considered that if you stay for 3 nights at Kanchi, you get salvation but here if you stay just one night, you get salvation.


IndhranÂ’s Brahma harthi dhosham got cleared here. When there was a fight between Saraswathi and Lakshmi on who is bigger, Brahma declared Lakshmi is bigger. So Saraswathi deserted Brahma. When Brahma conducted an yagna, Saraswathi refused to join him. So Brahma married another lady called Savithri and conducted the Yagna. SaraswathiÂ’s anger grew more and she tried to disturb the yagna with the help of demons by creating a flood in the Palar.

Then he prayed to Lord Narayan and He just lied across the Palar river in 3 places to stop the flood. The places are Pallikondan (called Vadavarangam), Thiruparkadal and Yadhothkari at Kanchipuram. Temple: Temple is inside a fort like structure. People getting married at this temple will get all the 16 types of wealth.

This temple is said to have built by Vijayanagara Kings during 5th Century. Other deities of the temple like Lord Rama, Garuda, etc., have been built at various stages by many kings who ruled here. But Lord Ranganathar is said to be the Aadhi Moolavar which was excavated from the banks of the river and built by Vijayanagara Kings and Sambuvarayars.

Situated on the river bank, in an ancient village with serene atmosphere, Sri Ranganathar temple stands tall, blessing many generations.

Festivals like Vaikunda Ekadasi are celebrated well here. Though so ancient and rare of its kind, this temple is in the state of neglect now.