In response to recent concerns and confusion surrounding the status of ₹2000 banknotes, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has clarified that these high-denomination notes will retain their legal tender status even after September 30, 2023. According to the RBI`s FAQs, individuals can continue to utilize ₹2000 banknotes for regular transactions without any restrictions. They can accept them as payment or use them for their own transactions as usual.

The RBI encourages the public to deposit and/or exchange their ₹2000 banknotes by September 30, 2023, but assures that these notes will remain valid beyond that date. ANI reported that the RBI expects most of the ₹2000 notes in circulation to be returned to banks within the given time frame. This routine exercise aims to streamline currency circulation, and the RBI assures the public that there is no need to panic.

To facilitate the process, individuals are advised to visit their respective bank branches starting May 23, 2023, to deposit or exchange their ₹2000 banknotes. Banks across the country will offer deposit and exchange services for ₹2000 banknotes until September 30, 2023, ensuring a smooth transition for the public.

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