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Eyes : Depending on what you are wearing, try to match your eye color to it You might have to mix colors to achieve the desired look! The under brow bone color, which is the highlight, should be just a shade or so lighter. Your arch area, which is in the middle crease, should be a shade darker.

Lips : Try a lip liner about the same shade as your arch color. Lip color should be the same texture as your clothes. Meaning, if your clothes are of a silky nature, then go shiny. If they are of a matte nature, then go with frosted.

Cheek color : Your cheek color should at least be the same hue, depending on skin color, as the color of what you are wearing. If you are wearing two different colors, then find the one that flatters you most and bring that out. To achieve this, hold your cheek color up to the fabric. This should to tell you how light or dark you should apply it.
Powder : Your cheek color should go on first before your final powder for a more natural ,not painted on look. If you lightly powder your lips with just a puff, your lip color will stay on longer. This acts like a sealer provided that you donít keep working or pressing your lips together. Apply all of the other necessary things that are not mentioned here to achieve a perfect look for any occasion. Also, try to apply your makeup in the light that you are going to be seen in. This always works best.