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Hand and foot care tips


Itís January but spring is just around the corner! We usually donít think of our feet as part of our ďgetting ready for springĒ regimen until itís too late. Now is the time to start, believe it or not, for getting our feet in shape for ultimate sandal display. Winter is such a drying and pounding time for our feet. Holidays, extra activities, shopping, parties, etc. really takes itís toll on your feet leaving them dry, cracked, withered, itchy and uncomfortable.

The first and best thing you can do is to get some regular Vaseline and give your feet a massage from your toes to your heels. Then cover them with socks. This works best at night before retiring so that it can really soak in. Donít be afraid to be generous with it. Be sure to rub it into your cuticles and in between your toes. If you are into toe bobs, there are all kinds to find at your favorite department store usually in the costume jewelry section. There are several different kinds to choose from and usually four to six toe rings to a card depending on maker, style and price. Just the thing to enhance your style especially if you donít wear a lot of jewelry. Itís a nice way to make a statement without being over bearing. Then to top it off nicely, you can polish those refurbished toes with copper, silver or mocha shades, perfect to enhance your toe bobs.


Now, since your feet have been hidden all winter, they will likely be pale as well. If you have a special tanning salon or lamp at your disposal, this is fine considering that you take proper safety precautions. If you donít, then a little sunless tanning lotion placed in the right places, following all package directions, will do wonders for those pale tootsies and make your feet look like youíve been to the Bahamas.

All in all, these things do not cost an arm and a second mortgage. Nor do they take all day so have fun getting ready for spring and summer and remember to use your sunscreen. Burns are not very stylish. I personally canít find a thing to wear with them! Your feet can get burned too. It is very hard to wear any shoes let alone sandals with burned feet. If your feet are blotchy, bumpy or bleeding you may need medical attention. Donít hesitate to see a Doctor because you may have a serious condition. Vaseline would only aggravate it especially if they are swollen.