Christian Medical College (CMC)

The Christian Medical College began in 1918, when Dr. Scudder started training women for the Licentiate Diploma (LMP). Here first batch of medical students achieved a 100 percent pass in the examinations. In 1942, the medical school was raised to the status of a college and 25 students were admitted to the MBBS course.

The first men students were admitted to the college in 1947. Permanent affiliation to the University of Madras was obtained in 1950. From 1953 onwards 50 students were admitted, 25 men and 25 women and in 1964 the annual admissions were increased to 60. In 1988, the affiliation of this institution was transferred from the University of Madras to the newly established Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University.

In 2001, the National Assessment and Accreditation Council, an autonomous institution of the University Grants Commission awarded a five star rating to the institution.


The Postgraduate training programmes continue to be added as newer branches of medicine develop. At present, there are postgraduate diploma courses in 11 specialities and postgraduate degree courses in 35 specialities.

This institution has been a pioneer in India in the development of higher specialities like cardiology, Thoracic Surgery, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Urology, Nephrology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology and Haematology.

CMC Hospitals

Name Contact No.
CMC Hospital 2222102,2222123,2222716, 2222722,2232164,2220207, 2269214,2269216
CMC Hospital 2221346,2220195,2223965,2223997
CMC Hospital 2228637,2222819,2228638,2222821,
CMC Hospital PBX 2225484,2225506,2225535,2222102,
CMC Dodd Library 2221256
CMC H Opthalmic Hospital 2232921
CMC & H.Redr 2232973
CMC Hospital GL Supdt. 2225518,2225643,2227632, 2232017
CMC H Association 2232054
CMC H Nutrition 2223287
CMC College Hospital 2232502

Departments in CMC Hospitals

Department Doctor & their Contact No Availability
Cardiology Dr. George Joseph Tuesday / Friday
Dr. Jacob Jose Monday / Thursday
Child Health Dr. Raghupathy Monday / Thursday
Dr.Chellam Kirubakaran Wednesday/Saturday
Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Unit Dr. Alice Cherian, Dr. Russell Monday to Friday
Dental Dr. T. Samraj Monday to Saturday
Dermatology Dr. Mary JacobMonday to Saturday
ENT Dr. Anand Job Monday/Wednesday/Friday
Dr. Mary Kurian Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday
Gastroenerology Dr. S.C. Samal Tuesday/Friday
Hand & Leprosy Reconstructive Dr. Binu P. Thomas Saturday
Medicine Dr. O.C. Adraham Tuesday/Friday
Dr. A.M.Cherian Monday/Thursdsay
Dr. Alka Ganesh,
Dr. George John
Wednesday Wednesday/Saturday
Neprology Dr. Adi Abraham Monday/Thursday
Dr. Chakho Korula Jacob Tuesday/Friday
Dr.Paulose P. Thomas Monday/Thursday
Dr. Chakho Korula Jacob Tuesday/Friday
Neurology Dr. S.N. MANIKANDAN - 0416-2282767, 2282028 Monday / Tuesday
  Dr.Kuren Koshy - 0416 - 2221346,  2220195, 2223965, 2223997 Monday / Friday
  Dr.Joe Jacob - 0416 - 2223965, 2223997 Saturday / Monday
Obst & Gyne Dr. Mathews Mathi Monday/Thursday
Dr. Mrs. Lakshmi Seshadri Tuesday/Friday
Dr. Mrs. Padmini Jasper Wednesday/Saturday
Opthamology Dr. Ravi Thomas Monday to Saturday
Orthopaedics Dr. G.D. Sundararaj Monday/Friday
Dr. Ravi J. Korula Tuesday/Friday
Dr.Samuel Chitlaranjan Wednesday/Saturday
Paediatric Surgery Dr. Sudipta Sen Monday/Tuesday
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Dr.Surajan Bhattacharji Mon, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Plastic Surgery Dr. Prema Dhanraj Tuesday/Friday
Psychiatric Dr. Anna Tharyan Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday
Dr. Prathap Tharyan Monday/Wednesday/Friday
Radiation Therapy Dr. Viswanathan Monday to Saturday
Surgery Dr. Aravindan Nair Wednesday/Saturday
Dr. S.R. Banerjee Jesudason Monday/Thursday
Thoracic Surgery Dr. Edwin Ravi Kumar Tuesday
Dr. Roy J. Korula Wednesday
Urology Dr. A.P. Pandy Monday/Thursday
Dr.Ganesh Gopalakrishnan Thursday/Friday